....our path to REALIZATION

LifeWorks & Choice is a company curiously inspired by the untapped energies of the human spirit and exploring the limits of human endurance. Our purpose is driven to enlightening and transforming people to achieve quality of life they aspire through focus realization of one’s true potential. We are more than just another corporate training company as we are driven to impart life-altering influences which expand beyond the program day. We are unique and original in our approach as our programs aim to establish self-realization of one’s purpose in life; thereby to derive and stimulate those deep energies to connect with modern market place demands and empower people with emerging skills and psychology capable of taking on today’s challenges. Our training portfolio consist myriad of corporate skills covering many corporate disciplines including NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) based cognitive skill development. We challenge and improve conventional wisdom on strategic thinking and skill acquisition as we are driven to investigate and share emerging best practices, human creativity across multi-disciplines around the world

Our Purpose

To inspire one to find his life's purpose, thereby to elicit one's ultimate potential in the complete realization of what one set out to achieve

What we do?

  • Corporate training
  • Motivational speaking engagements
  • Life Coaching
  • Outdoor team bonding activities including meditation/yoga
  • Sports Psychology - counseling & program design
  • Sports Motivation
  • Job interview techniques & skill enrichment
  • Brand psychology & strategic consultation

Why us?

  • Hands on diverse multi industry and organizational experience
  • Blend of time-tested conventional and modern concepts
  • Diversity of multi discipline knowledge base
  • Multi-industry/local and international market experience
  • Novel training techniques & methods
  • Neuro- Linguistic Program (NLP) based techniques
  • Insights on global best practices and international market experience
  • Qualified resource person