LifeWorks & Choice is a newly formed company designed to engage, enlighten and transform people to achieve quality of life they aspire through focus realization of one's true potential. We are more than just a run on the mill corporate training concern; we like to think ourselves as the next generation knowledge partner. We are unique and original in our approach as our programmes aim to establish self-realization of one's purpose in life; thereby to derive and stimulate those deep energies to connect with modern market place demands, emerging creativities and take on global best practices. Through our realization techniques we believe a holistic transformation of one's psychology is achievable that is sustainable beyond the program day. Our programs are customized and are designed with specific outcomes and tools necessary for the modern corporate employee. The applications of Neuro-Linguistic programming (NLP) based training modules will provide powerful neurological tools essential to sustain performance at one's full potential to stay ahead of competition. The diverse hands-on experience across different markets, cultures and organizational formats along with our passion and curiosity, constantly drive us to investigate and share emerging best practices, business triumphs and inspirational narratives across the globe. Our aim is to ensure there is a measurable impact and sustainable change from your learning experience. In achieving this to elevate our participants to a higher level of human-consciousness capable of instilling self derived confidence. This process will allow participants to set their own limits and constantly challenge them to go beyond in any sphere of discipline if one intends to focus his energy.


  • Multinational Companies
  • Local Blues Chip Organizations
  • Global Conglomerates
  • Government(State) Organizations
  • Non-Governmental Associations
  • Small & Medium Enterprises
  • Educational establishments - Universities & Schools
  • Professional Sporting Clubs & Associations

Our Purpose

To inspire one to find his life's purpose, thereby to elicit one's ultimate potential in the complete realization of what one set out to achieve

What we do?

  • Motivational speaking & Life Coaching
  • Corporate Training - Sales Motivation & Skill Development, Customer Service & Relationship Management (CRM), Team Building & Employee Motivation, Leadership Cultivation, Change Management
  • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) based Counselling & Skill Development
  • Job interview techniques & Skill Enrichment
  • Sports Motivation
  • Brand Psychology

Why us?

  • Hands on diverse multi industry and organizational experience
  • Blend of time-tested conventional and modern concepts
  • Diversity of multi discipline knowledge base
  • Multi-industry/local and international market experience
  • Novel training techniques & methods
  • Neuro- Linguistic Program (NLP) based techniques
  • Insights on global best practices and international market experience
  • Qualified resource person

Delivery Format

I. Seminars - venue either client to organize OR by us
II. workshops - venue either client to organize OR by us


2 hr seminar - open OR customized to single client
1 day Workshop - ( 8.30 - 17.30 hrs)
2 day Workshop - ( 8.30 - 17.30 hrs/ day)

Medium of Communication

100% English
OR 50% English 50% Sinhala
OR customized as per audience

Fee Structure

A. Flat fee - Subject to discussion [ client to arrange Venue, Refreshment & Multimedia]
B. Per Head Rate - Vary according to venue [ All arrangements related to Venue, Refreshment & Multimedia will be provided by us and subject to venue rates and T&Cs]