We are unique as we prepare interviewees based on the realistic observation that those techniques required to be successful at job interviews is distinctly different to the tools required to get the 'letter in the hand' or eventually get hired. Having aced a successful job interview based on conventional interview check-list, often you find candidates left confused and frustrated wondering despite performing extremely well at the interview, they never here from the prospective companies/recruitment agent. This gap has never been addressed and never will in the future due to its sensitivity and will continue to create disadvantages to candidates who are left emotionally scared, depleting self-confidence and low self-esteem. We challenge ineffective traditional common-sense led interview techniques by offering emerging tools of connectivity to get hired creating an absolute advantage over other candidates.

  • NLP TOOLS to connect with the interviewer
  • PROFILING THE INTERVIWER" at sub-conscious level
  • RESPONSES interviewer wants to hear vs. want to say
  • INTERVIEWER STATE - emotional Intelligence /non-verbal cues
  • WORKSHOPS _ 3 - 8hrs (1 day)
    • Interview techniques
    • Resume Building