"Sadly 80% of companies believe they deliver super customer experience, only 8% of customers agree"

- Forbes -

There is no mystery to providing great customer service; it is simply a combination of great people, great training and right service mentality. We provide highly interactive sessions where we train staff to communicate more effectively, listen with greater empathy, and resolve more complaints in less time. Emerging techniques of customer engagement will replace traditional theories and practices. With industry specific service solutions, our intent is to set benchmark service standards in your industry for competition to follow.

Assortment of topics:

  • Psychology of Service - mind, attitude and beliefs
  • Evolution of customer Service
  • Telephone service etiquette
  • Help-desk training
  • Global service best practices
  • Service brand equity and loyalty
  • Internal customer service engagement
  • Emerging customer service techniques & philosophies
  • Servicing the millennial customer
  • Changing customer behavioral expectations & mentalities
  • Employee becomes the new king of service
  • Use of NLP for effective connectivity
  • CRM training...common sense complicated!
  • Use of emotional intelligence
  • Customer Service sins & bad practices
  • Service policy vs. creating customer value
  • Biological makeup right service mentally
  • Objection resolving & feedback progress
  • Digital & social platform service
  • What’s in a service culture
  • Service innovation challenging policy
  • Common-sense led customer service