Definition of selling is constantly evolving and to stay ahead of the changing competitive landscape warrants for novel and creative ways to keep customer interested and finally to arrive at the objective of closing the sale. An understanding of the emerging revolutions taking place in the art of selling in your industry, the market conditions, how to build customer pipeline amidst high competition are core competencies one needs to possess to be successful in today competitive environment. Understanding transitions in buyer sophistication, effective selling skills, and engagement strategies capable of meeting today’s demands, inside knowledge of the market dynamics all constitute to create a competitive advantage over competition. However the biggest challenge remains sustainability of "sales mind-set" by sales personnel over the period of their careers.


Assortment of topics:

  • Evolution of the concept of Selling
  • Psychology of selling - mind, attitudes and beliefs
  • Fundamentals of Selling
  • Global success stories of selling
  • Sales innovations
  • Changing definition of Selling
  • Emerging platforms for selling - digital killer
  • Social media Selling
  • How to connect with millennial generation
  • 21st century salesman & re-tooling
  • Changing buyer sophistication - industry specific
  • NLP – effective sales closures –verbal - non-verbal
  • Customer objection handling
  • Perception vs. Expectations
  • Script development
  • Telemarketing – cold calling redefined
  • Service Since – Do’s & Don’ts
  • Closing techniques
  • Emotional ~features dilemma
  • Selling common sense
  • Building Rapport via 'Empathy'
  • Functional vs. Emotional selling